Dalian Polytechnic University


¡¡¡¡DPU has been persisting in the cooperation of production£¬academy and research. In recent years, DPU has undertaken 67 Chinese national programs such as ¡°973¡± program, ¡°863¡± program, National Natural Science Foundation program. About 5000 academic papers have been published, among which 800 academic papers have been incorporated by the three major retrievals in China . About 400 items have gained Chinese national patents of invention and 48 science & technology awards of national, provincial (ministerial) and municipal level have been gained. Professor Zhu Beiwei gained ¡°Science & Technology Innovation Award¡± of He Liang & He Li Fund in 2008,and ¡°Science & Technology Feat Award¡± of Dalian City in 2009. As the first-place finisher, DPU has totally gained three national awards, among which respectively in 2003 and in 2005, DPU won the second prize of ¡°National Award for Technology Invention¡± and in 2010, DPU won the second prize of ¡°National Prize for Progress in Science & Technology¡±. DPU has been awarded by the State Council, Liaoning provincial government and Dalian municipal government. DPU possesses ninenational research platforms: National Engineering Research Center of Seafood, National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Marine Active Polysaccharide¡¯s Development & Application Technology, Shellfish Specialty Branch Center of Farm Product Processing Technology¡¯s Research & Development under Ministry of Agriculture of China, International Technological Cooperation Base for Rare Seafood---Deep Processing, National Food Engineering Technology Transfer Center, and National Public Service Model Platform for Small & Medium Sized Business. DPU also has one research base for Liaoning Provincial economy & social development, five Liaoning Provincial key laboratories, four key laboratories of universities in Liaoning Province, ten provincial engineering research centers, fifteen municipal engineering research centers & laboratories